If you think back to our origins several thousand years ago, we shared the Earth with two other human species: Archaic and the  Neanderthal.

For some reason we out-developed those species and came out on top. Some theorize that we eviscerated each species with our technology and culture. While others theorize that we interbred with the Neanderthal.

Some people joke that individuals with a slightly sloped forehead have Neanderthal blood in them – if ever so slightly.

I’m of the thought that we probably bred with the Neanderthal. If I think about it in terms of sexuality, our ancestors had sex with just about anything they could get off on. I really don’t think things have changed that much. It’s just a bit more civilized than it was a few thousand years ago.

I can see it now, a couple Cro-Magnon would knock a male Neanderthal on the head, and have their way with his woman. Easy enough to propagate that way, right? While this behavior still goes on in different parts of the world, here in the US you will get life in prison for such crimes.

So what do these modern day Cro-Magnon do now? They get on the internet and find subversive material to get off on. They pay a little bit of money to watch all types of carnal behavior. They go to sites like Deep Kings Discount, and buy their memberships to various fantasies that they can’t legally participate it.

Are there possibilities that we wiped out our competitors a few thousand years ago? Certainly, but it seems more likely that we interbred, rather than eliminating an entire species with grunts and spears.

Evolution versus Creation has always been a big topic of controversy. With Evolution we have found scientific evidence; whereas, Creation is mainly based on faith with no scientific evidence to speak of.